For-pay databases


EMBASE is a for-pay literature database with around 11 million records of international literature on the entire field of biomedicine and biosciences. A specific focus is pharmaceuticals, active substances, health economics and hospital matters, environmental medicine and ecology, forensics and narcotic drug problems. EMBASE has many records relating to European and German themes.

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BIOSIS Previews

BIOSIS Previews is an international for-pay database that provides access to ample information on biomedical and bioscientific research. Biosis Previews contains more than 18 million records, and annually, 500 000 records are added. More than 90 countries are represented in the database. The available resources include journals, conferences and symposiums, workshops, reviews, bibliographies, books, software and patents. The target audience of BIOSIS Previews is students, researchers and librarians.

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CINAHL is a for-pay database that provides information on nursing issues and allied health literature, aiming at communicating knowledge of high quality to students, librarians and health care workers. The vision of CINAHL is that users see the database as a knowledge resource that they use for research or in practical work.

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Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence is among the largest medical for-pay databases for informing treatment decisions and improving patient care.

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PsycInfo is an abstract database covering psychological literature as well as literature from areas relevant for psychology such as medicine, psychiatrics, nursing, sociology, educational science, pharmacology, physiology, linguistics, anthropology, economics and law.

It is a for-pay database with more than 2.5 million records.

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