Gezondheitsraad (GR) 

The Health Council of the Netherlands (GR) is an independent scientific body, whose task it is to provide public health consultation services for ministries and parliament.

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The website of GR includes both executive summaries of almost all publications as well as a number of full versions in English.

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ZonMw, the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development, focuses on enhancing quality and innovation in health research and health care. Another task is the proactive promotion of knowledge transfer, implementation of new knowhow in the health care system and initiating the research of new health-related themes. Its publications are only available in Dutch.

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Zorginstitut Nederland (ZIN)

The Dutch National Healtcare Institute operates in the framework of two statutory acts of health insurance schemes. ZIN is responsible for carrying out tasks in four fields: management of the basic healthcare package, funding opportunities, support of health professionals and quality assurance in the Dutch healthcare system.

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